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Cyan Teasing Something Myst Related in a Series of Tweets, What Could the Cryptic Clues Mean?

Seems to be tied to Myst’s 25th anniversary

Myst and Obduction Studio Cyan Reveals New Game, Firmament

No announced platforms at this time.

Obduction PS4 Trophy Guide – Spoiler Free

Puzzles and Platinums.

Spoiler Alert: Both Obduction Endings Explained

Making sense of this bizarre world.

Obduction Review – Mystified (PS4)

Classic Cyan design.

Obduction Launches Today With Exclusive Content for PS4 and PSVR

A new area, new story, and new music.

The Witness and Obduction Creators Come Together to Talk Game Design

Meeting of the minds.

Obduction, the Successor to Myst, Comes to PS4 This August

“It’s been almost two decades since we created a product for console, and we couldn’t be happier about our return to Playstation.”

Myst Creator Rand Miller Interview – Obduction & Growing Games Development

He talks about his influences and experiences in an evolving industry.