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Jaffe Wants People to Relax, He “Hears You!”

While the surprise E3 announcement blew gamers away, now that Twisted Metal has been let out of the bag, people are already complaining. Even with a ton of information given out from Jaffe himself, gamers are all worried. We should take a hint from Jaffe and settle the… *eh hem* heck…down.

Twisted Metal: Apocalypse Images Survived the Cataclysm

Just days ago it was reported that David Jaffe and the EatRead the full article…

Jaffe Reveals Inspiration Behind Kratos

When God of War first launched on the PlayStation 2 in 2005,Read the full article…

Twisted Metal Almost Brought the World to Ruin

David Jaffe and his team at Eat Sleep Play recently dropped theRead the full article…

Jaffe ‘Serious’ About Some Twisted Gaming

Renowned PlayStation developer, David Jaffe, is best known for his contributions ofRead the full article…

David Jaffe Reveals Twisted Metal Details

When David Jaffe first revealed Twisted Metal at E3 it left theRead the full article…

Jaffe Thinks Multiplayer Ranks “F**k Up” Game Design

David Jaffe, creator of the legendary series Twisted Metal and God of War, is always one to state exactly how he feels about certain issues in the gaming industry. This time, that subject matter is multiplayer ranks in games, and how they “f**k up” game design. More on this after the jump.

Comic Con 2010 Has a Sweet Tooth for Twisted Metal

David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal announcement was one of the big surprises of Sony’s E3 2010 Press Conference. After years of rumors and Jaffe personally denying the existence of the title, it was finally unveiled in one of the most memorable ways imaginable. Although the game has a scheduled 2011 release date, many have been craving new information which according to recent information will be sooner rather than later.

Twisted Metal Info Explosion

David Jaffe, the all-around awesome industry wise guy and creative mind behindRead the full article…

Twisted Metal Drives for a ‘T’ Rating

David Jaffe delivered arguably the biggest surprise at E3 2010 with theRead the full article…

Twisted Metal = Mortal Kombat Meets Unreal Tournament

Speaking during a live demo at E3, Jaffe explained to NowGamer how Twisted Metal’s interesting Nuke mode was inspired by Street Fighter IV and not Call of Duty. He wants to bring the instant playability and fun which Street Fighter IV brings to the table to Nuke mode and says what the game is a mix of.

Twisted Metal Confirmed For PS3

David Jaffe finally reveals his new game and boy is it sweet… tooth…

David Jaffe Spotted; Confusion Ensues

IronStar Movement was the outlet to catch the famed developer. There is much significance in this sighting. First off, Jaffe has repeatedly claimed he, or his game, would not be coming to E3. So, why would he be at E3, if he wasn’t there to show off his new game?

Jaffe’s Non-Twisted Metal Game to be an E3 No Show

It’s been a lengthy road to certainty regarding David Jaffe’s new game.Read the full article…

God of War III’s Previous Directors Wanted Alternative Endings

If you have completed God of War III, which I’m sure youRead the full article…

E3 2010 Won’t See Twisted Metal or David Jaffe

Among unannounced titles for the PlayStation 3, David Jaffe’s work-in-progress sits aboveRead the full article…

Twisted Metal: Harbor City “Not Even Close” to Eat Sleep Play’s New Title

There are two theories as to what David Jaffe, the well-known gameRead the full article…

David Jaffe Talks PSN Game Sharing

God of War and Twisted Metal director, David Jaffe, is one ofRead the full article…

Jaffe’s Next Game Plot Planning Shows Twisted Images [UPDATE]

God of War creator and Twisted Metal Director, David Jaffe has frequently teased his upcoming game, with the twitter and blogging addict purposely and accidentally releasing numerous clues about the title. In a recent post on his personal blog, Jaffe may have let slip some important details about his game from Eat Sleep Play.

David Jaffe + ModNation Racers = Success

The major feature for the upcoming title ModNation Racers is none other than all of the creative tools at your disposal. You can edit you track, racer, and kart down to the smallest details for some absolutely amazing results. Sony is captilizing on this by releasing a series of video prior to release entitled “Artist Spotlight” featuring some of Sony’s most popular and well known developers talking about their experience and thoughts about the game. Sony went to the bullpen and recruited ‘The Man’ himself, David Jaffe, to talk to the talk about his love for ModNation Racers.