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Days Gone Will Be at E3 2017 “In a Big Way,” According to Voice Actor

Sam Witwer teases the good news.


Days Gone Developer Sony Bend Expands to Bigger Studio

Days Gone 2?


Only One Person Is Implementing Days Gone’s PS4 Pro Support

That’s not many at all!


Here Are All the PS4 Pro 4K Game Trailers With Dev Interviews From This Week’s Event

For Honor, Watch Dogs 2, Days Gone and more!


Sucker Punch and Sony Bend Reveal Why They’re Excited About PS4 Pro HDR

It’s “pretty big,” they say.


“Virtually All” Upcoming PS4 Games Will Be Able to Take Advantage of the PS4 Pro on Day 1

Enhanced games will include a special icon on the retail box.


Sony Bend Studio Has a “Longer Term Plan” for Days Gone, Promises a Huge Story

Zombie theme was inspired by The Walking Dead and World War Z.


Days Gone May Not Reinvent the Wheel – And That’s Okay

A defence of Sony Bend’s PS4 debut.

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Sony Bend: Days Gone “Opposite End of the Spectrum” From The Last of Us

More “over the top” and “extreme.”

Sony E3 press conference

10 Disappointments From Sony’s E3 2016 Press Conference

Why it was good, not great.

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New Days Gone Features Detailed: Weapon Crafting, “Huge” Wildlife System, Day/Night Cycle, and more

Not just your average zombie game!

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E3 2016 – Sony Bend Announces “Days Gone” (Update)

It’s a brutal world.


Days Gone Trademark Filed By Sony, Listing Suggests New Online Game

A new franchise on the cards?