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Def Jam Rapstar Could Earn You a Recording Contract

Well if so you are in luck as Def Jam Rapstar is teaming up with Atlantic Records UK in their search for Britain’s best new rapper.

Def Jam Rapstar Gets Poppin’ With Some Upcoming DLC

Def Jam Rapstar delivered a solid hip-hip karaoke experience when it debutedRead the full article…

Def Jam Rapstar Feature 3

PS3 Review – Def Jam Rapstar

There are few titles that have represented the hip hop music genre in gaming; the only series that has incorporated it successfully would be DJ Hero. Last generation’s Get On Da Mic, which was released on the PS2 in 2004, was a failure both commercially and critically. So when Konami announced Def Jam Rapstar it left many people skeptical of how it well it would be received. Though Paul Coyne of 4mm Games, the developer of the game, has already stated “Internally, we used Get On Da Mic as the architectural model of how not to do Def Jam Rapstar.” The real question at hand is how does this lyrically powered game hold up in the music genre on it’s own, and it is considered a must have title?

Snag Def Jam Rapstar, Get a Lil’ Something Extra

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Fresh New Announced Def Jam Rapstar Tracks are Illmatic

Over a year ago, Konami announced one of the first games everRead the full article…

Def Jam Rapstar E3 Impressions

Believe it or not Hip-Hop has had a major influence on gamesRead the full article…

Def Jam Rapstar Release Date Announced, New Songs Revealed

4mm Games, who was formed by two of the founders of RockstarRead the full article…