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hand of fate 2 featured

Defiant Development Added Endless Mode as a New Feature in Hand Of Fate 2

An action RPG with a deck building and card game twist, gets a new mode with endless possibilities.

Hand of Fate 2 Review – A Better Deck of Cards (PS4)

Every failure will leave you wanting more.

Shadow of War loot boxes

Morgan Jaffit on Why Shadow of War Has Loot Boxes, and Why Hand of Fate 2 Doesn’t

“What was “bigger success than anticipated,” for SoM would be considered a catastrophic failure for the sequel.”

Shadow of War loot boxes

Hand of Fate 2 Releases in November, Watch New Trailer

It arrives very soon.

Shadow of War loot boxes

PSX 2016 – Hand of Fate 2 Preview – Let Fate Decide (PS4)

Take what you are dealt.

Hand of Fate Sequel is in the Works, Reveals Defiant Development

No “substantial” content planned for current release.

Hand of Fate PS Vita Version Cancelled

“We understand that’s disappointing to our Vita fans – it’s disappointing to us, as well.”

Indie Games Spotlight: Defiant Development

Defiant, rising from the ashes of the economic crisis.

Hand of Fate Trophy List Revealed, Launch Trailer Puts the Cards in Your Hands

Yes, it does have a Platinum!

Watch the First 13 Minutes of Hand of Fate Gameplay

Fairly simple, but gets the idea across.

Hand of Fate Review – Failure, Success, and Luck (PS4)

Shuffle the deck, pick a card, face your fate.

Hand of Fate Preview – Draw Your Card

A game of risk/reward.

Hand of Fate PS4, Xbox One & PC Release Month Confirmed

The previously announced PS Vita version wasn’t mentioned.