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Detroit become human demo

Here Are Eight Things You Might Have Missed During the Detroit: Become Human Demo

Did you catch any of these?

detroit become human sales

Analyst Estimates Detroit: Become Human Will Sell Around 3-4 Million Copies

Michael Pachter believes the game is somewhat niche.

Cross play podcast episode 3 detroit leaks

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #3: Detroit is Leaking

Let’s talk Detroit: Become Human and how leaks impact the industry.

Detroit become human bonus content

Detroit: Become Human Rewards Players With Bonus Content for Replaying Scenes

Each story node unlocked rewards points.

quantic dream

Report: Quantic Dream Sues French Newspaper Over Article on Working Conditions

Also suing website after its reports.

detroit become human gold

Detroit: Become Human Has Gone Gold

Amazon Alexa compatibility also announced.

PS4 New Releases

Detroit: Become Human Difficulty Options Revealed

Play for narrative or play with risk.

Detroit become human demo

Detroit: Become Human Demo Available This Week, Features the Hostage Scene

Play the opening mission of the game.

Detroit become human preview 1

Detroit: Become Human Hands-On With the First Three Hours – Inherently Human

Moral grey areas and programming paradoxes.

detroit become human character

Go Behind-the-Scenes on the Development of Detroit: Become Human

Check out the making of the game!

detroit become human behind the scenes

Detroit: Become Human Has Inhumanly Great Music Scores

Pinocchio should definitely listen to these tracks if he wants to become a real boy.

detroit become human ps4 pro

Detroit: Become Human PS4 Pro Enhancements and Technical Specifications Revealed

Interesting presentations for those into game tech!

detroit become human voice actors

Sony Releases Three Interviews With the Detroit: Become Human Cast

See what it takes to be a robot!

Detroit Become Human Budget

Detroit: Become Human Budget is Reportedly Over €30 Million

It’s more than Quantic Dream’s past titles.

Detroit: Become Human Has 513 Characters, More Than 35,000 Camera Shots

Over 5 million lines of code!

No, Detroit: Become Human Visuals Haven’t Been Downgraded, It’s Just a Low Quality Video

Compression and capturing at lower resolution can lead to graphics looking bad.

Video: How Detroit PS4 Graphics Changed During Development

Take a Look at How Detroit: Become Human Graphics Changed During Development

It’s seen some changes on the road to release.

detroit become human cast

Detroit: Become Human Cast Members Include Clancy Brown, Lance Henriksen, and Minka Kelly

They join Bryan Dechart, Valorie Curry, and Jessie Williams.

detroit become human trailer

Detroit: Become Human’s Latest Trailer Shows New Characters (Update)

New faces!