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Mutant Football League Release Date

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition Gets a Hard Copy Release This Fall

Prepare to die nasty in this retail release.

mutant football league ps4

Mutant Football League is Out Now for PlayStation 4

More content planned for next month!

mutant football league ps4

Mutant Football League Doesn’t Contain a Platinum Trophy

Check out the full trophy list!

mutant football league ps4

Mutant Football League Coming to the PlayStation 4 Later This Month

More updates to come!

Metrico+ Coming to PS4 on August 23, Watch the New Trailer

Get a discount if you own the Vita copy.

Metrico+ Is Coming to the PS4 in 2016

It’s an updated version of the PS Vita game with new content.

GDC 2015: Mutant Football League Preview – Inhuman League

We got a firsthand look at Digital Dreams Entertainment’s Mutant Football League, and man it was inhuman.

Metrico Review – Flawed Execution (Vita)

If an Excel sheet were a game…

Sony Approached Road Not Taken, Metrico Devs About Going Free on PlayStation Plus

“It grants us the opportunity to pay off our loans and make the next game.”

Metrico Gameplay Video Shows Off the Puzzle-Platformer

PlayStation Plus members get it free.

Metrico PS Vita Release Date Revealed, Gameplay Footage Shown

This game is exclusive to the Vita.