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call of duty infinite warfare retribution

Compare the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Versions of Infinite Warfare

Which looks better?

sonic forces trailer

Recent Digital Foundry Analysis Reveals Which Version of Sonic Forces Performs Best

Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are woefully bad.

Gran Turismo Sport Career Mode review

Digital Foundry Releases Gran Turismo Sport Technical Analysis

HDR mode shines brightest!

the witcher 3 10 year anniversary

Digital Foundry Releases The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro Analysis

PC and PS4 comparisons!

Digital Foundry Highlights Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Improvements, No Frame Drops

PS4 Pro is the ideal platform to play on right now.

Watch Digital Foundry’s Analysis of Marvel’s Spider-Man

It looks incredible.

Tekken 7 Is Currently Running at 900p/60fps on PS4, Digital Foundry Finds

Watch some PlayStation VR gameplay.

Digital Foundry: Persona 5’s PS4 Version Delivers a “Rock-Solid” Performance

PS3 version suffers from screen-tearing.

Digital Foundry Compares Project Scorpio Specs to PS4 Pro’s

They believe Project Scorpio will be $100 more expensive.

Digital Foundry: Mass Effect Andromeda on PS4 Runs Gameplay at 1080p, Cutscenes at 900p

Frame-rate is capped at 30fps.

Horizon Zero Dawn Runs at a Nearly Locked 30fps, PS4 vs PS4 Pro Video Analysis Shows

Digital Foundry calls it a “stunning technical showcase.”

The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Until Dawn and More Tested in PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode

Dark Souls 2 & 3 tested as well.

Diablo 3 & Mafia III PS4 Pro Support Detailed in Analysis

Mafia III’s PS4 Pro support apparently arrived last month, despite no formal announcement.

The Last Guardian PS4 vs PS4 Pro Comparison Shows Improved Performance on PS4 Pro

But only if you’re running the game at 1080p.

Final Fantasy XV map size

Analysis: Final Fantasy XV Experiences Frame-Pacing Issues on PS4, PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro’s lite mode cleans them up.

PS5 release date

PS4 Pro’s SATA 3.0 Interface Doesn’t Make the Most of SSD Upgrade, Says Digital Foundry

It’s better than stock but overall, there’s little to gain.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Runs at 1080p/30fps on PS4, Early Analysis Says

Xbox One version is at 900p.

No Man’s Sky for PS4 Runs at 1080p and a Nearly “Faultless 30fps,” Says Analysis

But you may experience drops to 13fps when stressing the engine.

Resident Evil 5 for PS4 & Xbox One Ranges From 45fps – 60fps, Analysis Shows

But it regularly drops below 50fps.