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DiRT Rally PlayStation VR Support Coming Soon as Paid DLC

Plus a new Co-Driver Mode.


Dirt Rally Update 1.11 Is Live on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Fixes issues, adds some new content.

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Upcoming DiRT Rally Patch Includes Leaderboard Fix

Coming first half of June.


Dirt Rally Gets a Launch Trailer, Daily Events Explained

Analysis confirms 1080p/60fps.

DiRT Rally Review – Dirty Fun (PS4)

Get your clutch foot ready!


DiRT Rally Multiplayer Trailer Released, Supported Wheels Announced

Comes with officially licensed FIA World Rallycross multiplayer races.


Dirt Rally PS4 and Xbox One Release Date Confirmed for April 5, 2016

It’s out today on Steam.


Koch Media Signs Publishing Deal With Codemasters

Dirt Rally coming to consoles? Let’s hope so!

DiRT Codemasters

Codemasters Teasing New DiRT Title, Hiring for a “DiRTy Little Game”

No release date announced yet.


DiRT Showdown Review (PS3)

I have to review dirt? I thought this was a PlayStation site!Read the full article…