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Disney Shuts Down LucasArts; Gives In to the Darkside [Update]

Disney force-es cancellations and closure.


Epic Mickey Developer Junction Point Closes Up Shop

Making way for Disney Infinity :(


LucasArts Talks Buyout: “For the Time Being all Projects are Business as Usual”

Still pluggin’ away.


Get Artsy With a New Paint-Filled Trailer for Epic Mickey 2

See Ebert, games can be art!


Disney Teasing Major Unannounced Release for Next Year, Likely Kingdom Hearts HD

Ready your keyblades!


Rumor: Epic Mickey 2 Might Be Heading To PS3 In 2012

Epic Mickey is arguably one of the most memorable titles to everRead the full article…

Epic Mickey Could Easily Be On The PS3

Epic Mickey is an upcoming platforming game starring everybody’s favorite Disney mouse.Read the full article…

Disney Resurrecting PSOne Classics

According to some recent ratings from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, DisneyRead the full article…

Split/Second Price Split for a Second

Split/Second, from Black Rock Studios, release just under two weeks ago, garneringRead the full article…

European Toy Story 3 Boxart On Display

The European boxart for Toy Story 3 has been unveiled.

Gamers Will Get Nostalgic With Newest Sing It Title

Confident they will find a niche in the crowded singing game market,Read the full article…

The Incredibles Invade LittleBigPlanet

It seems the LittleBigPlanet/Disney collaboration is turning out to be a fantasticRead the full article…