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Dontnod’s Vampyr Will Have Players Questioning Who to Kill and Who to Spare

Devs don’t want to influence players’ moral choices.

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Call of Cthulhu, Vampyr Out in Q4 2017

Busy time of the year.

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Dontnod’s Vampyr Gets a Dark New Trailer Highlighting the Protagonist’s Background

Every citizen’s death will have an impact.

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Dontnod Explains Vampyr’s Combat System, Includes Impaling Enemies and Draining Blood

You can avoid combat entirely, too,

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Vampyr Takes Between 15 to 30 Hours to Complete, Depending on Play Style

It’s gonna get bloody, and fast!


Here’s 14 Minutes of Vampyr Gameplay

Become the vampire.


Life Is Strange Developers Announce Spin-Off Studio, Working on PC Game

Battlecrew Space Pirates game announced!


Life is Strange Episode 1 Going Free Tomorrow, July 21, on PS4 & PS3

Also on Xbox and PC.


E3 2016 – Dontnod Talks Vampyr With PSLS – Being Bad, Exploring Gray Areas & More

Can you live with your decisions?


Dontnod: Vampyr Won’t “Force” Players to Kill

“Everything in the game will incite you to do so.”


E3 2016 – Vampyr Preview – The Dichotomous Doctor (PS4)

Put away the torches and pitchforks, this isn’t a teen vampire angst drama.


New Vampyr E3 2016 Trailer Explains Its Dark Plot, Introduces Vampire/Doctor Jonathan Reid

Narrated by the main character himself.


PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – May 24 – May 31, 2016

From Arcadia Bay to the dungeons of Hydeland.


New Vampyr Screenshots Introduce Jonathan Reid as Both Doctor and Bloodsucker

Dontnod is an awful long way away from Arcadia Bay.


PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – February 23 – March 1, 2016

Life is (hella) Strange.


Life is Strange Director’s Commentary Available to Download for All Owners

Director’s Commentary available on PS4 from January 25.


Life is Strange Dev Offers New Details on Gothic RPG Vampyr

London Bridge has fallen down.

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Life is Strange: Episode 5 Review – The End (PS4)

It’s all over.


Life Is Strange Update Today Prepares for Episode 5 Next Week, Fixes Bugs

The final episode will be polarizing.

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Square Enix Picked Up Life is Strange After Rejecting a Different Dontnod Game

“You could instantly see the jaws drop”