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Doom Co-Creator Making a Shooter After 14 Years

Coming from Romero Games.


DOOM is Not Ready for a Formal Reveal Until Next Year

QuakeCon reveal was an answer to rumors.

id software

Crytek’s Engineer Leaves Developer After 10 Years to Join id Software

The new Doom was unveiled at QuakeCon 2014.


Doom Details Revealed: Runs at 1080p/60fps, “Is Not About Taking Cover,” More

You’ll be able to this on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.


Bethesda on Doom: “We Have No Free Passes”

“Nobody will assume this is going to be awesome.”


DOOM Teaser Unleashes the Demon

Demon with guns, how can that not be awesome?


Doom Beta Only Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will still get beta invites – just not for those systems.

Sonic Boll

Daily Reaction: The Greatest Terrible Video Game Movies

This explains our childhoods


Doom 4 to Challenge the PS3’s Blu-ray with its Ginormous Size

Doom 4. We all know it exists, and even better we allRead the full article…