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Double Dragon IV Releases Very Soon, Here’s a Story Trailer and Controller Layout

Coming to PS4 and PC.

double dragon 4

Double Dragon IV’s Story Info Revealed, the Game Will Feature 2P Duel Mode and Tower Mode

Continuation of Double Dragon II.

double dragon 4

Double Dragon IV Announced for PS4 and PC

January 2017.

Double Dragon

Expect New Double Dragon Games, Says Series Director Yoshihisa Kishimoto

He was confident that Double Dragon will be a hit.


Double Dragon II Out on PS4 This Week

Prepare for fists to fly!

Double Dragon

Arc System Works Buys Rights to Double Dragon and Other Technos Japan Games

And Super Dodge Ball. And River City Ransom.


MonkeyPaw Games Bringing Six PS1 Imports to North America in the Next Six Weeks, Includes Tomba! 2

I see your monkey’s paw and raise you a rabbit’s foot.

Sonic Boll

Daily Reaction: The Greatest Terrible Video Game Movies

This explains our childhoods