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Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Detailed: No Item Trading, Won’t Affect Your Single-Player Campaign, & More

There will be in-game purchases.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Have Co-Op Multiplayer, to be Paywall-Free

Free DLC for everyone.


Here are the Most Surprising Moments of gamescom 2014

See what announcements and non-announcements surprised as the most!

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gamescom 2014: EA Releases New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer and Gameplay Demo (Update)

These enemies are no joke!


Dragon Age Keep Delayed Until October 2014

You can apply for the beta right now though.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Combat Trailer Gives Us a Peek of Multi-Faceted Fighting

How will you play Dragon Age: Inquisition?


Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date Delayed

Thankfully, you’ll still be able to play it in 2014.


BioWare Talks Relationships in Future Games, May Include Polyamorous & Asexual Relationships

You won’t always find success in romance.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Series Part Two Shows “The Redcliffe Castle”

Dangerous enemies await you in this new trailer.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Series Kicks Off With Part One: The Hinterlands

16-minutes of action awaits you…


BioWare Reveals First “Fully Gay” Male Character in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The first legitimately gay character is set to appear in Drag Age: Inquisition. Find out who he is.


Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 2014 Gameplay Preview – Tactical Dragon Combat (PS4)

Exotic mounts confirmed!


Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. Voicing “Iron Bull” in Dragon Age: Inquisition

From Mass Effect to Dragon Age…

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New Dragon Age Title Will Be at EA Conference

More dragons is always a good thing


BioWare: Dragon Age III is “Stunningly Beautiful” Thanks to Frostbite

It’s like Battlefield with swords!


First Image of Dragon Age III Art Leaked Online

That’s the power of Frostbite 2!

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Dragon Age III Takes An Arrow of Inspiration In The Knee From Skyrim

Bioware released Dragon Age II earlier this year to a less thanRead the full article…


Dragon Age 2 And Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Coming to PSN Next Week

The PSN store has been releasing full PS3 games the last fewRead the full article…

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Dragon Age 3 Will “Surprise and Delight” Fans

Dragon Age 3 hasn’t even been officially announced, but that hasn’t stoppedRead the full article…

Dragon Age to Fly Again; Third Entry Confirmed

BioWare is known for great RPGs such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, so it comes as little surprise that they’ve just confirmed Dragon Age III is in production.