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Dragon Fin Soup: Extra Chunky Edition Hitting PS4, PS3, PS Vita & PC in 2016

Grimm Bros offering a free Steam copy of Dragon Fin Soup to PSN buyers.

Dragon Fin Soup Creator: PlayStation Version Problems Are on BlitWorks, “They Have Dropped the Ball”

Once a PlayStation Plus deal has been signed, you can’t delay the game.

BlitWorks on Difficulties of Porting to the PS Vita: “It’s Not so Powerful Unless the Code Is Carefully Adapted”

Getting a Vita game to perform like a PS3 game takes a good deal of optimization.

Tactical RPG Dragon Fin Soup Comes to PS4, PS3 & PS Vita on November 3

PlayStation Plus members can download it for free.

PAX Prime 2015: Dragon Fin Soup Preview – Soup of the Day

Coming out soon!

PAX East 2015 – Dragon Fin Soup Preview (PS4, Vita)

An expansive turn-based RPG.

The Catch-Up: April 9th, 2014 – PS4 is Getting Stick it to the Man, That Trivia Game, & More

New The Evil Within trailer shows off one of the game’s most terrifying enemies.