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Dragon Quest Heroes II Review – Life and Soul (PS4)

I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night.

Dragon Quest Heroes II 555x328

Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and The Prophecy’s End Gameplay Introduces the Heroes

Prepare for hacking and slashing!


Dragon Quest Heroes II Single-Player Review – Slime Time (PS4 Import)

Featuring enemies so cute you don’t wanna kill them… but have to, thousands of times each.


See the Beauty & Fury of Dragon Quest Heroes II in New PS4 Ver. Screenshots

Fights, characters, and character fights.


Japanese Sales Chart: 3DS Defeats PS4, Mirror’s Edge Debuts in 9th

Dragon Quest and Overwatch stay near the top of the chart.


Dragon Quest Heroes II Hands-on Preview – Musou Madness Levels Up (PS4)

Same core gameplay with some cool modifications.

Japanese Sales Chart: Nothing Can Stop Dragon Quest Heroes II or the PS4

Overwatch stays at #4.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Screens

Dragon Quest Heroes II – 40+ Screens of Battle, Fields

Been having a lot of fun with this one.


Japanese Sales Chart: PS Vita Crosses 5 Million, Dragon Quest Heroes II & Overwatch Open Big

But PS4 won the week.


32 Screens of Dragon Quest Heroes II’s Early Story Moments

See what the cinemas and other conversation scenes look like.


See How Vita Handles Dragon Quest Heroes II

For the curious.


See Dragon Quest Heroes II Multiplayer in Action in This Video

Sadly doesn’t show Vita/PS4 cross-play, but still.


Atlas Up in the Club – Dragon Quest Heroes II Gameplay Footage

Smashy smashy.


Here’s the Dragon Quest Heroes II Opening Video

Comes out in Japan soon.


Dragon Quest Heroes II Screenshots Give Close Looks at Characters

Power up. Scream.


Dragon Quest Heroes II PS4, PS3 and Vita Tech Specs Compared

PS4 will be at 1080p/60fps!