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dreadnought patch 3

Dreadnought Gets Biggest Feature Update Yet, Available Now on PS4

New ship loadouts and much more.

Dreadnought Officially Leaves Beta and Launches Today

Fire up your thrusters.

dreadnought trophy list

The Dreadnought Platinum May Be Difficult to Achieve

It may even be dreadful.

Dreadnought Update Overhauls Progression, Adds New Mode, and More

Available now!

PS4 Pro Games

PS4 Pro Support Detailed for Hellblade, LawBreakers, Dreadnought & Van Helsing II

Hellblade targets 30fps on the base PS4, up to 60fps on PS4 Pro.

Free-to-Play Dreadnought Now Available in Open Beta on PS4

Free PS+ pack arrives on August 15.

We’re Giving Away Hundreds of Dreadnought Beta Codes

Claim yours!

Dreadnought PS4 Founder’s Packs Launched

Time to buy in on the action!

Dreadnought Closed Beta Begins on PS4, Sign Ups Still Live

The console version is exclusive to PS4.

PSX 2016 – Dreadnought Preview – Full Power to Weapons (PS4)

Time to do space combat in gigantic warships!

PSX 2016 – Free-to-Play Actioner Dreadnought Announced for PS4

Sign up for the closed beta now.