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Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Claims Top Spot in March Downloads

My people, we have won!

Sony Gives Price Drops to Four PSVR Games, Including StarBlood Arena & RIGS

In North America only.

Driveclub VR Review – Gotta Go Fast (PSVR)

Racing isn’t always pretty.

PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for October 11-October 18, 2016

A special anniversary and the dawn of something new.

Here’s Every PlayStation VR Launch Game Coming in 2016 & Early 2017

Find out which ones require PlayStation VR and which ones are simply compatible.

DriveClub VR Is $20 for Season Pass Owners, Evolution Studios Handled Most of the Development

The rest was done by a dedicated team of Evolution Studios vets.

Former DriveClub Dev Thinks “Too Many People Are Underestimating” the PS4 Pro Before Actually Seeing It

DriveClub VR will have minor enhancements on PS4 Pro.

DriveClub VR Confirmed for October 13, Costs $39.99

There’s 114 tracks and 80 cars in the game.

The PlayStation VR Demo Disc in North America Includes 18 Games

DriveClub VR, Resident Evil 7’s Kitchen Teaser, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and more included.

DriveClub Update Will Add DriveClub VR Tracks for Free, Says Rustchynsky

Evolution Studios continued working on DriveClub VR “until very recently.”

DriveClub VR Gameplay Revealed by PlayStation Access

“It feels like I’m driving a car.”

DriveClub VR Confirmed for PlayStation VR, Releases in 2016

It includes online play, single-player, and more.

DriveClub VR Is a PlayStation VR Launch Title in Japan

DriveClub Game Director says the new tracks are some of his favorite.

DriveClub VR Rated for PS4 by the ESRB

Could news still be coming at E3?

DriveClub VR Off-Screen Gameplay Revealed, More Details Coming at E3 2016

“We’re currently focussed on the DRIVECLUB service and VR prototyping.”

DriveClub VR Revealed at Paris Games Week, “Could Turn Into Something More Than Just a Tech Demo”

Evolution has six months of DriveClub content planned.