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Paul Rustchynsky is DriveClub’s New Game Director

The DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition is still happening.


DriveClub’s Official Release Date on PS4 Finally Confirmed in New Trailer

Hopefully it’s worth wait!


DriveClub Release Date Announcement Happening “In the Weeks to Come”

Full game details and more videos also coming soon.


Report: Col Rodgers Explains Why he Left Evolution Studios

Sad face.


Sony: Progress Being made on DriveClub “is Spectacular”

We’ll get an update on development, the release date, and some more videos “in the weeks to come.”

PS4 and Controller

Every PS4 Game With a 2014 Release Date Revealed

DriveClub, The Order: 1886, The Crew, The Division, NBA 2K15, WWE 2K15, and lots more listed.


DriveClub Game Director Left Evolution Studios in February

Give me a brake.


Layoffs Hit Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, Sony London

Sony says DriveClub development “will not be affected.”


Scrapped DriveClub VR Support Gave Shuhei Yoshida Motion Sickness

“All the effort” is now put towards finishing DriveClub.


Week In Review: 3/14/14 – Back to the Drawing Board

Calm before the storm.


PlayStation: DriveClub has Gone “Back to the Drawing Board” to Ensure it’s Great

Will we still see it in 2014? Sony wouldn’t say.


Gara: DriveClub’s Delay and Lack of New Release Date is “That we Want it to be Right”

inFamous: Second Son is “going to have significant demand.”


DriveClub Release Date Announcement Coming “Shortly”; Game Delayed in Japan

Not soon enough.


The Catch-Up: January 13th, 2013 – PS4 Handily Beats Xbox One in Germany; Sledgehammer Hiring for “Next-Gen Call of Duty”

Still no official word on DriveClub’s release date in any territory.


DriveClub Gets One Step to Closer to Release: ESRB Rates the Title as E for Everyone

Give us a release date!


PlayStation Website Gives DriveClub a Release Date of February 22nd, 2014 in Japan

Could this mean North America and Europe would be around the same time?


DriveClub’s AI, Audio & Ambient Lighting Still Being Improved; “We Care About Even the Smallest Details”

Screen tearing happens rarely, “but even that’s too often.”