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Is the Racing Genre Running the Risk of Stagnation?

Mirror, signal, maneuve .


Driver: San Francisco Uplay Passport Takes Long Drive on Short Pier

Videogame publishers consider the used game market and piracy as a majorRead the full article…


Take A Spin Around San Francisco in the Latest Driver Trailer

Driver: San Francisco is quickly racing towards its August release date. ThisRead the full article…

Driver San Francisco - E3

Driver: San Francisco – E3 Preview

Our E3 Preview of Driver: San Francisco, the upcoming arcade racer from Ubisoft.

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Learn the Story Behind Driver San Francisco

Ubisoft have released a new trailer today for their upcoming game Driver San Francisco.

Ubisoft Adds Driver and Ghost Recon to Long List of Currently Delayed Titles

Ubisoft assumed a commanding presence at E3 2010 with several blockbuster titlesRead the full article…

Driver: San Francisco Goes Back to the Future

The latest Driver installment promises to revive the series back to it’sRead the full article…

Driver: San Francisco Gets U-Turned Into 2011

Ubisoft’s upcoming Driver title – unveiled during E3 – Driver: San FranciscoRead the full article…

Driver: San Francisco Already has DLC Planned

Even though the next Driver game, Driver: San Francisco, still has aRead the full article…

Driver: San Francisco Collector’s Edition Announced

Although the original game was certainly a success on the PS one, additional installments in the Driver series didn’t exactly follow suit. However, Ubisoft aim to change that with yet another new Driver title which they announced at their E3 press conference; Driver: San Francisco. Since the developers want the series’ triple-a status back, it would make sense that they’ve detailed the driving games’ Collector’s Edition.

Driver’s ‘triple-A’ Status Wanted Back by Ubisoft

Driver, back in the old days, was a game which rightfully heldRead the full article…