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Dungeon Siege III Combat Montage Graces Launch Trailer

Dungeon Siege III just launched across every major continent this week. ItsRead the full article…

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PS3 Review – Dungeon Siege III

Developed by the group behind Alpha Protocol and the smash hit Fallout:Read the full article…


PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of June 20, 2011

Welcome back to another PlayStation Release Horizon. This week, PS3 gamers haveRead the full article…

Discover Dungeon Siege III’s Demo Date and Trailer

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher Square Enix are ready to show theRead the full article…

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Swing into Action with Latest Dungeon Siege III Screens

New screenshots of the upcoming Dungeon Siege 3 have found their way online courtesy of publisher Square Enix.

Square Enix Lays Siege With New Trailer and Screenshots

2011 will be a great year for dungeon crawlers. First, Dragon AgeRead the full article…

Dungeon Siege 3 E3 Impressions

PlayStation LifeStyle impressions of Dungeon Siege 3 at E3 2010.

Square Enix & Obsidian Announce Dungeon Siege 3 For Consoles

Dungeon Siege looks to be getting a new iteration which is toRead the full article…