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Dying Light Season Pass Includes Exclusive Missions, New Competitive Game Mode (Update 2)

Pre-order it now on the PlayStation Store.


Dying Light Gameplay Video Shows the First 15 Minutes of the Game

We can officially say Dying Light is out next month.


Dying Light Trailer Showcases Traps, See How Dangerous They Can Be

Traps, traps and more traps!


Dying Light PS3, Xbox 360 Versions Cancelled

The older consoles couldn’t run Dying Light and stay true to the game’s vision.

dying light weapons

New Dying Light Gameplay Videos Showcase Some Intense Weapons

Those are some hardcore weapons.


Dying Light “Be The Zombie” Multiplayer Invasion Mode Gets a Trailer, Details

Anyone can be invaded, but you’ll need to pre-order to be the zombie.


Dying Light Release Date Announced (Update)

You won’t have to wait until February.


Dying Light Dev Diary Shows Off Natural Movement in Disposing the Undead

Run and jump in first-person while taking down zombies!

Dying Light

Dying Light gamescom Trailer Has Zombies, Gore and Even Swimming

Bashing zombie heads and then taking a swim.

Best of E3 2014

Best of E3 2014 Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions

Watch the awards get handed out inside! Spoiler – One of them faints.

DL E3 Preview

Dying Light E3 Hands-On Preview: Be Very Afraid of the Dark (PS4)

Everything you have ever wanted out of a zombie game.


Dying Light E3 2014 Gameplay Video Smashes Heads and Then Some

Stabbing, shooting and smashing zombie heads are fun.

Dying Light

Dying Light E3 Trailer Unveils Some of Its Secrets

Dying Light has zombies that are like vampires.


Dying Light Delayed Until February 2015

You’ll have to wait until next year before being able to kill these zombies.


Dying Light Producer: Zombies Are an “Easy and Safe Choice” for In-Game Enemies

Get to know the enemies a little better.


Dying Light “Easily Supports 30 to 40 Hours of Gameplay”, is Techland’s Most Ambitious Game

Don’t turn a light on for 40 hours… it might burn out.


Techland Believes They Can Achieve 1080p & 60fps in Dying Light on PS4/Xbox One

Ready your sledgehammers.


Techland: Dying Light “is a Game That’s Quite Different to Dead Island”

Potential special edition won’t include a severed woman’s torso.

Dying Light

Moving From Dead Island to Dying Light, Techland Interview – PAX Prime 2013

Rule #1 – Cardio.