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EA and DICE Confirm Removal of Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions Until They Can Make Changes

This is a huge shift for EA!

[Update] Report: Star Wars Battlefront II’s Paid Currency Pulled From PSN and Amazon

Does this mean a big update incoming for the game?

The Sims 4 PS4 Giveaway – Win One of Five Copies of the Full Game!

Simulate the zany side of life!

DICE Insinuates Earning Credits in Battlefront 2 Offline Modes is an “Exploit,” Forgetting You Can Pay Money For Loot Crates

Somehow playing the game is more of an exploit than paying for loot boxes.

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DICE Looking to Make Changes to Star Wars Battlefront 2 Character Progression, Will Reward Playing as Specific Classes

They want to make the change “as soon as possible.”

DICE Says Customization Options for Star Wars Battlefront II Will “Change the Game Tremendously”

The Reddit AMA today hints at coming changes with a cutomization system.

Star Wars Battlefront II Review – I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This (PS4)

Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!

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More Details Emerge About Star Wars Battlefront II’s Free Single Player DLC

Will cross with the modern trilogy timelines.

Why We’ll Be Delaying Our Star Wars Battlefront II Review

We’ve played the campaign and the multiplayer in a closed environment.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes

Star Wars Battlefront II Progression System Changes Detailed by EA

They’re being reduced in cost by 75%

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In Less Than 24 Hours, EA Managed To Have the Most Downvoted Reddit Comment of All Time

It has surpassed 381,000 downvotes.

madden nfl 18 update 1.08 patch notes

Madden May End Yearly Releases At Some Point, According to EA CEO

Yearly updates instead?

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EA Announces Release Date and Cover Athlete for EA Sports UFC 3

Coming fairly soon!

Titanfall 2 “Tricks and Treats” Update Now Live, Adds Limited Time Weapon Skins

Skins add special squad leader bonuses.

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The Free Ember Militia Is the Newest Need for Speed Payback Street League Team

All-female survivalists!

Need for Speed Payback Has 78 Cars, Here’s the Full List

Also has cost and class of every car.

need for speed payback street league

Another New Need for Speed Payback Street League Team Revealed

Another team coming soon!