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Battlefield V battle royale

DICE Talks Battlefield V’s Battle Royale and Lack of Paid DLC

DICE is working hard to mend a fractured community.

best e3 announcement

Now Loading: E3 2018 Conferences, Were They Good?

Did the big publishers deliver this year?

anthem game info

New Anthem Info Revealed: No Romance, No PvP at Launch, Requires Internet Connection

You’ll have friendships.

anthem preorder

Anthem Preorder Bonuses and Special Edition Unveiled

Preorder to get VIP demo access.

anthem loot boxes

E3 2018: Anthem Loot Boxes and More in EA Info Dump

We found out how much respect Anthem has for your bank account at E3 2018.

sea of solitude

E3 2018: EA Announces Sea of Solitude

E3 2018: Check out the newest EA Original, which comes all the way from Berlin.

unravel 2 release

Surprise! Unravel Two Out Today

And it’s Two, not 2.

unravel 2

E3 2018: Unravel Two Announced, Check Out a Trailer

Confirms leaks from earlier this week.

star wars jedi fallen order

E3 2018: Respawn Announces Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

E3 2018: Respawn announced its Star Wars game from a chair. Now that’s a power move.

battlefield 5 multiplayer

E3 2018: Check Out Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer

All-out warfare.

Battlefield 5 battle royale

E3 2018: Battlefield V Battle Royale Confirmed

The rumors were true.

ea play 2018 livestream

Watch the EA Play 2018 Live Press Conference Right Here

Battlefield V, Anthem, EA Originals, and more!

Respawn Star Wars

Respawn’s Vince Zampella Teasing a ‘Juicy Tidbit’ at EA Play Tomorrow, Is it Their Star Wars Game?

Respawn has three titles in development.

battlefield v tease

DICE Posts New Battlefield V Tease for EA Play

Jump out of a plane and onto a hype train for the latest Battlefield V teaser.

Anthem gameplay footage

EA BioWare Releases Tiny Anthem E3 2018 Teaser

Tiny tease, big expectations.

Battlefield 5 Airborne Mode coming

EA and Dice Tease a Battlefield V Airborne Mode

Parachute into battle!

Battlefield 5 microtransactions

Battlefield V To Include Microtransactions for Cosmetic Items Only

(Virtual) war never changes.

No Battlefield 5 loot boxes

No Loot Boxes in Battlefield V, EA Confirms

Unknown whether the Battlefront II backlash shaped how they are doing content.

Battlefield 5 premium Pass

There Will Be No Premium Pass in Battlefield V, All Post-Launch Content Free

Focusing on a live service model for the game, expanding the theaters of war.