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mtx controversy

Anger Over Microtransactions Will Hurt Activision and EA, Warns Analyst

“This isn’t a monopoly business,” says Doug Creutz.

new dragon age

BioWare GM Addresses Fans’ Concerns About Upcoming Dragon Age

People are worried about monetization and “live” elements.

DICE Talks Future in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Roadmap, Revamped Progression System, New Game Mode, New Season

Expect more details from DICE within the next couple of months.

anthem delay

Report: BioWare’s Anthem Delayed to 2019, Dev Team Facing Massive Pressure

It was originally slated to release Fall 2018.

Art Director for Star Wars Battlefront II Talks Fondor Deck Design

Team took a look at other Star Wars properties.

fe ps4

Fe’s Composer Gives Us a Look at the Sound Design Process for the Game

It’s tough to escape background noise!

Read the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update Adds Maps, a New Ship, and Tons of Balancing Fixes

Fly Iden’s TIE in Starfighter Assault.

dead space series

Former Dead Space Art Director Says EA Has Invested Too Much Into the IP to Sell It for Cheap

They’ve invested hundreds of millions.

Pink Darth Vader Mod Added to Battlefront 2 in Response to EA’s Statement About Star Wars Canon

For those who may not be necessarily concerned about “canon” in their Star Wars video game.

star wars battlefront 2 sales

Need for Speed Payback and Battlefront II Reception Results in Analyst Lowering EA Profit Forecast

Sales have been “clearly” impacted by the backlash.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Resurrection Review – The Epilogue Awakens (PS4)

Concluding the conflicts.

Criterion Hints at More Offline Content Coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2

Catering to the players that don’t want to, or can’t, play online.

Biggest Disappointment of 2017 – Nominees

What was the worst thing to happen in gaming this year?

futmas fifa 18

Get in the Holiday Spirit With the FUTmas Holiday Event

Jump into the mode now!

battlefront 2 the last jedi dlc

Star Wars: The Last Jedi DLC Launches for Battlefront II Next Week

New maps, challenges, and characters.

EA Hasn’t Decided if Microtransactions Will Return to Star Wars Battlefront II

It’s the first time there’s been indication that they may not come back.

US Lawmaker Begins Drafting Anti-Loot Box Laws, Aims to Ban Sales of Predatory Games to Those Under 21

He is targeting gambling mechanics in games.

Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions Debate Has Been “Learning Experience” for EA

Do you believe them?

Read the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update Increases End of Match Credit Rewards

The arcade mode cap has been increased as well.

ea respawn acquisition

EA Announces Completion of Respawn Acquisition

EA now owns Titanfall.