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F1 2016 Review – Speed Rivalry (PS4)

Speed or bust? Check it out.


F1 2016 Career Mode Featured in New Trailer, “Multiplayer Championship” Mode Revealed

New mode that allows up to 22 players to compete!


F1 2016 Multiplayer Trailer Races Out, Will Feature 22-Player Matches

Safety Car and manual race starts featured too!


F1 2016 Set for Summer 2016 Release on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Includes the most immersive career mode in franchise history.


F1 2015 Day One Update Details Revealed, No DLC Planned

Also there’s no Career Mode, but it will likely show up in next year’s version.


F1 2015 Features Trailer Highlights Speed, Rain and New Additions

Bonus content includes the full 2014 Season.


F1 2015 Release Date Delayed to July 2015, Teaser Trailer Revealed

The delay is about a month.


F1 2015 Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC, Launches in June 2015

Includes 2014 season bonus content.

Leaked F1 2015 Image

F1 2015 Images Leaked, Reveal PS4 Version to Run at 60fps

Will run at 60fps on PS4, currently at 45-55fps.


F1 2014 Release Date Announced, PS4 F1 Game Coming in 2015

Check out the first F1 2014 gameplay trailer.