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fallout 76 multiplayer

Prepare for Fallout 76’s Vault Opening With a Multiplayer Video

“There is no ‘I’ in nuclear wasteland.”

fallout 76 griefers

Griefing in Fallout 76 Will Turn You Into a Wanted Criminal With a Bounty on Your Head

The “assholes” will face serious in-game repercussions.

fallout 76 perks

Fallout 76’s Card-Based Perk System Explained

You can’t buy cards.

fallout 76 beta

Fallout 76 B.E.T.A To Be Full Game, Progress Will Carry Over

Beta’ prepare yourself now, survivors.

bethesda ufc partnership fallout 76

Bethesda Teams Up with the UFC to Promote Fallout 76

Sure, why not?

fallout 76 beta launch

Bethesda Running Smaller Fallout 76 Beta Before Official Beta Launch

Bethesda will select players for the smaller beta at random.

fallout 76 beta release date

Fallout 76’s Beta Will Go Live in October

A specific date in October has not yet been announced.

bethesda single player

Bethesda Reaffirms Commitment to Single-Player Games

Player 1 isn’t in any danger.

fallout 76 npc

Fallout 76 Won’t Have NPCs; Every Character Will Be an Online Player

Let’s start a dialogue.

Fallout 76 Multiplayer

Fallout 76 Multiplayer Is Meant to Enhance What Fans Love the Most

Todd Howard knows it’s a risk but the reward seems worth it.


Bethesda’s Todd Howard Wanted Fallout 76 Cross-Play, But Says It’s ‘Not Possible’

I’m A.N.N.O.Y.E.D.

fallout 76 multiplayer

Fallout 76 Multiplayer is “Not What Everybody Expects” According to Pete Hines

Not your traditional MMO.

Fallout 76 beta

Fallout 76’s Beta to Launch First on Xbox One

Fallout 76’s public beta still lacks a release date.

fallout 76 microtransactions

Bethesda Promises Free Updates Years After Fallout 76 Launches

Tons of post-launch content.

Fallout 76 Griefers to be handled

Fallout 76: Bethesda Softworks to Battle Griefers Efficiently

Play nice damn it!

Fallout 76 collectors edition

E3 2018: Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Announced

The map looks pretty sweet.

fallout 76 multiplayer

E3 2018: Fallout: 76 is Multiplayer, Releases in November

Drop entire nuclear bombs on your friends out of spite in Fallout: 76.

Fallout 76 release date

Rumor: Fallout 76 Could Be Releasing a Lot Sooner Than You Think

Are these pre-E3 leaks to be believed.

Fallout 76 online

Report: Fallout 76 Not a Traditional Single-Player RPG, Will Be An Online Survival Game

There’s something different about Vault 76.

fallout 76

The Next Fallout Game is Fallout 76

Are you ready for reclamation day?