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Obsidian Seemingly Has Nothing to do With Bethesda Announcement

What could it be?

Bethesda Fallout 5 Tease

Bethesda Teases Something on Twitter, Possibly Fallout 5 or New Vegas Remaster? (Update)

Could just as easily be a remaster or a Nintendo Switch port announcement.

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Fallout: New Vegas Was Held Back by Being on Consoles

Things had to be simplified.

fallout new vegas

Obsidian CEO Chronicles Fallout: New Vegas Development in New Interview

New Vegas went through some changes.

Obsidian Dev Says He’s Always Up for Working on a Fallout Game

It’s a fun property to work with.

Honest Hearts Set Aflame In Fallout DLC Trailer

The second DLC pack for Fallout: New Vegas, entitled Honest Hearts, is on the way soon, and a new trailer gives us our first good look at it.

New Vegas Deals Another Hand: DLC En Route

If you love Fallout: New Vegas, you’ve probably been waiting with high hopes for more adventures to have in the Nevada wastelands, which are on the way.

Fallout: New Vegas DLC Coming to PS3 in the Near Future is a Good Bet

As with Fallout 3, the first Fallout: New Vegas expansion pack was exclusive to the Xbox 360, with no announcement of a PlayStation 3 version in sight. Bethesda Softworks is changing it up this time around and thankfully, PS3 owners won’t be shafted this time.

Fallout: New Vegas Patch 1.02 Available Now

Anyone who has played Fallout: New Vegas for a decent length of time knows that the experience is bittersweet. Bethesda’s epic follow up to Fallout 3 is an incredible RPG that was unfortunately plagued with glitches and hang-ups. About a month ago Bethesda stated that they would be patching the game to fix many of its issues, and true to their word it has finally arrived. Available now on PS3, update 1.02 has an extensive list of fixes for just about every feature and quest in the game, including weapon and mod fixes, companion fixes, and resolving issues with skill points and perk distribution.

Fallout: New Vegas – Trophy Guide

Let PlayStation LifeStyle help you get that coveted platinum trophy for Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas Sells Well Despite Bugs

Fallout: New Vegas sells 5 million copies worldwide, even though the game is riddled with bugs.

PS3 Review – Fallout: New Vegas

We play a couple hands of Fallout: New Vegas. Find out if it’s worth the gamble in our in-depth review…

Fallout: New Vegas Patch Incoming

Since Fallout: New Vegas’ release there have been numerous reports from players that the game’s bugs were having a massively negative impact on the gameplay experience. Now, publisher Bethesda Softworks has responded to this by announcing that the RPG is due to receive a patch.

Latest Fallout: New Vegas Dev Diary Focuses on The Strip

Publisher Bethesda Softworks has released the latest developer trailer for Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming Fallout: New Vegas which showcases the team talking about New Vegas‘ The Strip’.

Fallout: New Vegas Dev Dairy Talks Factions

Bethesda has released the latest developer diary for Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: NewRead the full article…

New Vegas TV Spot is a Good Bet

With less than one month remaining until the highly anticipated follow-up toRead the full article…

First Fallout: New Vegas Dev Dairy Focuses on Story

Bethesda Softworks has released the first developer dairy for Obsidian Entertainment’s upcomingRead the full article…

Fallout Sticks to Familiar Feel

Fallout: New Vegas, The follow up to the incredible Fallout 3, hasRead the full article…

Sorting Through the Collection of Collector’s Editions 2010

So many collector’s editions, so little money. We tell you which ones to get!

Bethesda Reveals New Vegas Dialogue Length

There is very little to argue against the idea that the guys over at Bethesda are just plain genuises. Nearly perfecting the Western RPG genre, they have shown time and time again they are the masters at creating an expansive, mind-blowing world, with likeable characters and villains. Their newest game, Fallout: New Vegas, is set to hit retailers later this year. With New Vegas, Bethesda is making sure the dialogue in the game is on-par with or even topping some Hollywood major motion flicks.