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Ubisoft and Mondo Collaborate for Special Edition of Far Cry 5

Available for pre-order now!

Far Cry 5 trailer

Latest Far Cry 5 Trailer Spotlights Emergent Gameplay

From friendly characters to wild animals.

far cry 5 figurine

Check Out This Impressive 32cm Far Cry 5 Figurine

It releases in March.

Far cry 5 drugs

Far Cry 5 ESRB Rating Reveals Gameplay Details, Drug Use

Drugs will boost your skills.

Producer Says Far Cry 5 Testicle Hunting Mission is Part of Game’s Variety

Mission is the result of a huge game.

Far Cry 5 pastor trailer

Far Cry 5’s Pastor Jerome Jeffries is Prepared to Fight

He’ll fight for what he believes in.

far cry 5 grace armstrong

Learn About Far Cry 5’s Grace Armstrong, A Dangerous Sniper

Murry Peeters talks about voicing the character.

Far Cry 5 trailer

Latest Far Cry 5 Trailer is All About Nick Rye

Learn more about the important character.

Far cry 5 drugs

Watch Over 25 Minutes of Far Cry 5 Open World Gameplay

A great look at action!

far cry 5 resistance

Learn About the Resistance in Far Cry 5

It’s time to stand up.

Ubisoft Delays Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2, Along With an Unannounced Game

The unannounced game is one of three franchise titles.

Creative Director for Far Cry 5 Explains Why Game is Set in America

Something they’ve wanted to do for some time.

Far cry 5 drugs

Ubisoft Details How They Created Far Cry 5’s Hope County

“We needed to change the way we prepared ourselves.”

far cry 5 resistance

Newest Far Cry 5 Trailer Confirms Expanded Co-Op in the Upcoming Title

Play even more with friends!

Far cry 5 drugs

New Far Cry 5 Trailer Shows the Rise of a Cult

Will you free Hope County?

Far Cry 5 Arabic Localization Confirmed By Ubisoft

Subtitles and menu support as well!

far cry 5 composer

Dan Romer Onboard as Composer for Far Cry 5

Ubisoft gets a big name composer.

Far Cry 5 trailer

Far Cry 5 Preview — Good Dog, Bad People (PS4)

We killed cult members with a very good boy.

Far cry 5 drugs

Watch Eight Minutes of New Far Cry 5 Gameplay

It looks great!

ubisoft gamescom 2017

Ubisoft Reveals Their Big gamescom 2017 Lineup & 18 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed Origins Gameplay

Expect exclusive presentations, news, demos, trailers, and giveaways.