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New Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed Installments Could Skip 2017, Ubisoft Reveals

Ubisoft wants their games to be in Alpha a year before release.


Far Cry Primal Update 1.03 Adds Survivor Mode, Improves Performance

See all the changes.


Far Cry Primal Update on April 12 Adds Survivor Mode, Which Includes Permadeath

Learn about all the changes.

Far Cry Primal Review 2

Far Cry Primal Update 1.02 Today Improves Performance, Adds Option to Disable HUD

You can remove enemies from the minimap as well.


Far Cry Primal Trophy Guide

Primal glory!

Far Cry primal ending spoiler alert

Spoiler Alert – Far Cry Primal Endings and Post-Credits Scene

The final chapter in the beginning of man.

Far Cry Primal Review 4

Far Cry Primal Flintstones Car Easter Egg Discovered



Quick Tips – Far Cry Primal

Optimum primal carnage.

Far Cry Primal Review 1

Far Cry Primal Update 1.01 Improves Performance & Fixes Issues

Shouldn’t be more than 600MB.


Far Cry Primal Review – Basic Instinct (PS4)

A long, long, time ago, in a world not so far away…


Far Cry Primal Video Shows Us Controllers Made From Actual Stone, Behind the Scenes Video Released

PS4 made out of stone? Now that’s a brick!


Far Cry Primal Community Livestream Highlights New Gameplay

Watch the unboxing of the collector’s edition as well.


Far Cry Primal’s Live Trailer is All About Chaos and Destruction

“It’s not about guns, it’s about guts.”


Ubisoft: Far Cry Primal Is A “Full-On Far Cry,” Main Campaign Is Around 30 Hours

Far Cry Primal doesn’t have dinosaurs due to the chosen time period.


Far Cry Primal Runs at 1080p & A “Mostly Perfect” 30fps on PS4, According to Pre-Release Analysis

It runs similarly to Far Cry 4.


Far Cry Primal Gameplay Video Blowout

Beast mode on!


Far Cry Primal Hands-On Preview: The Story Is Everything

You’re not at the top of the food chain in this one…


Far Cry Primal 1TB PS4 Bundle Announced for Europe, New Story Trailer Is All About Takkar

Go behind the scenes to learn about the characters and language.


Far Cry Primal Community Stream Features Gameplay, Dev Interviews and More

Features new content as well.


Far Cry Primal Gameplay Video Blowout – Mammoths, Saber Tooth Tigers and More

Watch us anger mammoths!