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far cry 5 campaign

Far Cry 5’s Campaign is Playable Offline, New Live Action Trailer Released

Microtransactions will be cosmetic.

Far Cry Arcade

Far Cry Arcade Features Assets From Six Different Ubisoft Titles, Post-Launch Content Updates

Includes assets from certain expansions, such as Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis.

Check Out Some Far Cry 5 Arcade Gameplay and Screenshots

The map editor will include assets from the Ubisoft library of games.

The Sins of The Father – Inside Eden’s Gate Far Cry 5 Short Film Review

Get hyped for the game with a prequel short film.

Far Cry 5 Post-Launch Roadmap Outlines Live Activities for Main Game and Far Cry Arcade

Free events and new map editor assets.

A Bizarre World of Your Own Creation – Far Cry 5 Arcade Impressions

Includes Far Cry 5’s competitive multiplayer component.

Far Cry 5 Will Feature Microtransactions, In-Game Currency Earnable In-Game, No Loot Boxes

Far Cry 5 monetization feels like a fair balance.

Inside Eden’s Gate, the Far Cry 5 Prequel Short Film, is Now Available on Amazon Prime Video

Find out what’s really going on in Hope County.

far cry 5 characters

Far Cry 5 ‘Cult Vignette’ Trailers Introduce the Seed Family

Learn more about John, Joseph, Jacob, and Faith.

Far Cry 5 gameplay

Rocket Launchers, Bows, ATVs, and Co-Op – Watch Nearly 20 Minutes of New Far Cry 5 Gameplay

Going ham with a rocket launcher.

Far cry 5 drug trip

Like Every Other Far Cry, Far Cry 5 Will Feature Psychedelic Drug Trip Missions

The drug trips in Far Cry 5 seem to be indoctrination.

Far cry 5 customization

Take a Look at Some Character Clothing Options in the Far Cry 5 Customization Menu

Dress for success in taking down a doomsday cult!

Far Cry 5 hurk

Hurk Returns to Far Cry 5 With His Whole Family in Tow, Watch a Mission With Hurk and his Dad

Check out a full mission featuring Hurk and his dad.

Far cry 5 bear cheeseburger

You Can Rescue and Recruit a Bear Named Cheeseburger in Far Cry 5

He used to love cheeseburgers, but then he got the diabetes.

Far Cry 5 preview

Guns, Religion, and Fanaticism: A Day in Hope County – Hands-On With Far Cry 5

The sins of The Father shall be visited on his people.

Inside Eden’s Gate, A Far Cry 5 Short Film, Is Coming Exclusively to Amazon Prime Video Next Week (Update: Trailer Added)

Meet Joseph Seed and his siblings through the eyes of curious vloggers.

far cry 5 Boomer

Learn More About the Animals in Far Cry 5

They aren’t too friendly.

Why The Far Cry 5 Season Pass is the Perfect Single-Player Game Add-On

Get a complete game and your bonus experiences too.

far cry 3 ps4

Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Announced, Available as Part of Far Cry 5’s Season Pass

You can also get it standalone.

far cry 5 Boomer

Latest Far Cry 5 Trailer Spotlights Emergent Gameplay

From friendly characters to wild animals.