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Rumors Spread that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release will be a Long Way Off

Please don’t be PT or Chrono Break, and at least be a Kingdom Hearts 3.

Ni no Kuni 2 Makes Us Forget About FF7 Remake Nonsense… Almost (Podcast)

We should probably rename this “RPG Podcast: Clever Pun.”

She Has to Die

You probably already know the “spoiler” I refer to, but I guess I have to be careful now?

Daily Reaction: A Dangerous Minefield of Video Game Spoilers

The purity of an experience depends on your minesweeping abilities.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Looking Forward to Finishing Development ‘As Quickly As I Can’

It’s a large title in terms of production.

10 Changes the Final Fantasy VII Remake Needs

If my demands aren’t met, I’ll only buy this remake twice!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Started Before December 2014

Square Enix hopes the announcement boosts PS4 sales in Japan.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Making “Considerable Progress,” May Include Story Changes

Expect to learn the official title with the next status report this winter.

FFXIII Director “Wants” to Remake Final Fantasy VII

When a technical demo of Final Fantasy VII was shown for PlayStationRead the full article…

Final Fantasy VII and Hip-Hop is Surprisingly Catchy

Seeming to come out of nowhere, a group dubbed ‘Team Teamwork’ from overRead the full article…

Headshots & Friendly Fire: New Year’s Edition

Congratulations, everybody! Another decade of gaming is behind us, and the 2010sRead the full article…

Final Fantasy VII On The PSN Today

Sony has just announced that Final Fantasy VII will be on theRead the full article…

Advent Children Complete Pushes PS3 to the Top

As you may have been aware for some time now, Final FantasyRead the full article…

Release Date Surprise in FF XIII Demo

If you are one of the ones who have pre-ordered Final FantasyRead the full article…

Square Enix What Are You Doing?

Written by Azariah Square has long been an industry powerhouse in theRead the full article…

Another Special Edition PS3, A Final Fantasy VII One

Written by Azariah Ellington II Other territories seem to get all ofRead the full article…