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Nomura: Final Fantasy VII Remake & Kingdom Hearts III Still Have a Way to Go

“The release of the titles themselves still have a way to go.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake 02 555x328

Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System Aspects “In the Middle of” Being Elevated up to Finished Quality

Nomura wants to plan something for 2017 – the game’s 20-year anniversary.


E3 2016 – Sony: “People’s Gaming Memories Were Way More Important” Than We First Thought

Final Fantasy VII and Crash Bandicoot prove it.


E3 2016 – Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collection Isn’t Ruled Out, KH3 Won’t Add Final Fantasy Worlds

Final Fantasy VII Remake is still a ways off.


One Year Later: Looking Back at the PlayStation E3 2015 Conference

How has it aged?

Top 5 Anticipated E3 2016 Header

Top 5 Games We’re Excited to See at E3 2016

We excite!


Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake Not Listed by Square Enix for Release in 2016

Could NieR be delayed to 2017?

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System Elements Will Draw “From That Dissidia-Esque Style”

New characters not in the original game may be referenced in dialogue.


Square: Total Number of Final Fantasy VII Remake Episodes Subject to Change

“That said, we do have a vision for how many installments it will consist of.”


Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Multi-Part Structure to Be More Like Final Fantasy XIII Than an Episodic Series

“One part should be on par with the scale of one Final Fantasy XIII game.”

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev CyberConnect2 Working on Eight Games, Including Unannounced VR Title

Total employee count stands at 220.


The Perfect Final Fantasy VII Remake

The podcast crew fantasizes about fantasy.


2016 Will “Still Be a Preparation Year for Final Fantasy VII Remake,” Says Producer

Atlus’s Katsura Hashino says they’ll release Persona 5 in 2016… “I think.”

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Final Fantasy VII Remake to Be Fully Voiced, Square Enix Wants to Include Fan-Favorite Mini-Games

We might not receive more information until World of Final Fantasy is released.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Going Well, Scenario of the First Part Is Complete

Kingdom Hearts team is helping with Unreal Engine 4.

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Ni no Kuni 2 Makes Us Forget About FF7 Remake Nonsense… Almost (Podcast)

We should probably rename this “RPG Podcast: Clever Pun.”


Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Multi-Part Format Lets Square Enix Turn It Into An “Epic Experience”

Producer talks going beyond the story, world, and experience of Final Fantasy VII with the remake.


YouTube’s Top Trending Gaming Videos of 2015 Include Final Fantasy VII Remake, Fallout 4 Trailers

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was the biggest game overall.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 09 – PSX 2015 and FFVII: What Have They Done to You?

The name may be Clickbait, but the content is not.


Top 5 Final Fantasy VII Remake Changes From the Original Version

We noticed quite a few differences!