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Tomorrow on US/CA PlayStation Plus: January 28th, 2014 – Final Fantasy Sale, Smart As… Free

PS Vita PLAY continues with sale on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.


Final Fantasy Series Sale Attacks the European PlayStation Store

One’s missing…


PlayStation 3 & PS Vita New Releases: June 9th – 15th, 2013 – The Last of Us Finally Arrives

So close you can almost hear the clickers.


Square Enix Online Store Running a 50% off Holiday Sale, Includes Games From PS1 to the PS Vita

I dare you to read the games on sale and not get nostalgic.


Square Enix Feels Generous and Plans Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Release Next Week

Final Fantasy XIII left mixed feelings for many, so chances are you’reRead the full article…


First Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Adds New Story Content for Free

Final Fantasy XIII-2 might only be four days old in Japan, butRead the full article…


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hired the Aid of tri-Ace Studio

The next Final Fantasy adventure is nearly upon us and, even thoughRead the full article…


Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Collector Edition Nearly Sold Out in the UK

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has had its share of bad feedback, but thatRead the full article…


Ezio Donates His Costume to Wear in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Fresh from appearing in LittleBigPlanet 2, Ezio’s costume will once again makeRead the full article…


Square Enix Shares Reasons Behind Producing Questionable Final Fantasy XIII Sequel

Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s existence has been in question since its announcement, mostlyRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIII Feature

Square Enix Regrets Final Fantasy XIII’s Long Development Cycle, Won’t Happen Again

If there’s one thing this generation of gaming has been, it’d haveRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIII Save File Unlocks Bonus Items in XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII was released last year and like many Japanese RPGs,Read the full article…