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space hulk deathwing new

Catch 17 Minutes of Space Hulk: Deathwing Gameplay Straight From the Campaign

Spoilers? Maybe.

space hulk deathwing new

Space Hulk: Deathwing Console Release Delayed Yet Again

This time, it’s “early 2017.”

Farming Simulator 17_20161024225525

Farming Simulator 17 Review – Entertainment Drought (PS4)

Did the first Farming Simulator installment on PS4 wield a good crop?

Mordheim City of the Damned review

Mordheim: City of the Damned Review – Damn Hardcore (PS4)

Roll for that damned initiative.


Styx: Shards of Darkness Delayed to Q1 2017, Eight Minutes of Gameplay Shown Off

“The engine transition has required some time for our team to adapt to.”


Tactical Game Mordheim: City of the Damned Arrives on October 18 for PS4 & Xbox One

Watch some gameplay from the PC version.

vampyr 555x328

Dontnod Explains Vampyr’s Combat System, Includes Impaling Enemies and Draining Blood

You can avoid combat entirely, too,


Farming Simulator 17 Will Still Support PS4 Mods, Dev Confirms

They’ll be available at launch.

Vampyr 555x328

Vampyr Takes Between 15 to 30 Hours to Complete, Depending on Play Style

It’s gonna get bloody, and fast!


Here’s 14 Minutes of Vampyr Gameplay

Become the vampire.

the technomancer new 555x328

The Technomancer Game Giveaway

Don’t forget to include your email address!

Farming Simulator 17 trailer

New Farming Simulator 17 Trailer Details Women Farmers, Multiplayer

We have sunflowers!


Farming Simulator 17 Releases on October 25 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

With mod support on all three platforms.


E3 2016 – Dontnod Talks Vampyr With PSLS – Being Bad, Exploring Gray Areas & More

Can you live with your decisions?

The Technomancer

The Technomancer Review – Forced Spark (PS4)

Shock ’em until it hertz!

the technomancer new 555x328

Technomancer Launch Trailer Bolts Out, Watch What to Expect

Prepare for action, sci-fi, tech magic and more with Technomancer!

the technomancer new 555x328

The Technomancer Gameplay Blasts Off to Mars

Six minutes of gameplay straight from the Red Planet.


E3 2016 – Space Hulk: Deathwing Preview – Know No Fear (PS4)

Space Hulk: Deathwing will force you to repent, for tomorrow, you die. And you will love every minute of it.

Farming Simulator 17 preview 1

E3 2016 – Farming Simulator 17 Preview – Sweet Roar of the Tractor (PS4)

Look upon your virtual fruits, for ye tilleth the digital earth.