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Orcs Must Die! Unchained Releases on July 18 for PS4, PlayStation Plus Members Get Free Content

It’s a free-to-play action tower defense game.


The Tomorrow Children Goes Free-to-Play Today on PS4, Update Adds New Content

PlayStation Plus members will find some free content.


10 PS4 F2P Games You Need to Play

You’re Free-to-Enjoy this list!


Download PS4 F2P Games and Get a Chance to Win $100 From Sony

Over 50 games to choose from according to Sony!


Now Loading…Does the Industry Need More Free-to-Play Games?

PlayStation LifeStyle staff discuss the feasibility of developing more free-to-play games.

apb reloaded ps4

APB Reloaded Getting a PS4 and Xbox One Port Sometime Next Year, Will Be Free-To-Play

Get ready for another free-to-play title.


Peter Molyneux: Developers Need to Make More Free-to-Play Games

Developers should be persuaded to make free-to-play titles.


Sony Reveals Statistics for Free-to-Play on PS3 and PS4, 50 Percent Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase

How much revenue? No idea


PSLS Interviews: Free to Play Doing Well on PS4

Pew. Pew. Pew. Awesome free games, small microtransactions.