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PlayStation warranty

Sony Updated Warranty Policies After FTC Warning

Good news, everyone!

console warranty

FTC Warns Console Manufacturers About Illegal Warranty Restrictions

It looks like Sony and Nintendo have been warned.

Shadow of Mordor Influencers

Warner Bros. Settles With FTC Regarding Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Influencers Campaign

But they swear they won’t do it again.

YouTubers Deceivingly Promote CS: GO Gambling Site They Own

Shady YouTubers continue being shady.

FTC Charges Machinima With Deceptive Xbox One Advertising

The YouTube network paid people to talk positively about the Xbox One, and hid it.

PS Vita Refund Emails Sent Out for Misleading Ads, Free Items and Full Details Listed

Prepare for games, money or PSN Store credit.

FTC Unanimously Approves Final Order Concerning PS Vita False Advertising Issue

Hopefully Sony will be more honest in the future.

Refund Coming to Early PS Vita Buyers as Sony Settles With FTC Over False Advertising

Good news for you, bad news for Sony.