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Fumito Ueda and GenDESIGN Are Teasing Something

Well, this looks weird.

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Pro

Fumito Ueda Wants Changes Made to Shadow of the Colossus Remake

He’d like to see changes “but I don’t know [if] the implementation will be what I told.”

Fumito Ueda Might Return to Shadow of the Colossus-Type of Open World for Next Game

Will we need to wait another 10 years though?

Games, Franchises, and Experiences We Want in VR

Immerse yourself.

The Last Guardian Had Items for the Boy to Eat When it Was In Development for PS3

But a budget cut and Trico led to it being axed.

The Last Guardian Gets a CG Trailer Featuring Trico and The Boy

Ueda talks about realizing the full initial vision for The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian Manufacturing Is Complete, First Copy Gets Unboxed

Greatness awaits.

Ueda: The Last Guardian Is Complete, the Focus Is Now on Polish and Tweaks

They had planned for October 2016 for quite some time.

The Last Guardian Does Something No Other Team Ico Game Has Done Before

Spoiler warning!

The Last Guardian’s Lengthy Development Was “Unexpected” and Makes Fumito Ueda Feel Sad

The team wasn’t actively developing the game throughout the last 10 years.

The Last Guardian Previewed, Opening Moments and Screenshots Revealed

Don’t click if you don’t want the opening sequence spoiled.

The Last Guardian Info, Gameplay, 2016 Release Discussed in Edge

Do I need to play The First Guardian before this?

The Last Guardian Would Have Been Fine on PS3, Says Creator

Move to PS4 “pretty much a corporate decision by Sony.”

Fumito Ueda Says “We Hope” to Release The Last Guardian in 2016

“We hope to release this in 2016”

The Last Guardian is Still in Development, Sony Confirms Again

Drakengard 3 Director teases a new project.

Fumito Ueda is “Terribly Sorry” for The Last Guardian Delay, His Creative Work “Was Mostly Finished a Long Time Ago”

He even talks about doing a post-mortem someday.

Fumito Ueda Gives Update On The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is STILL in development. Still. After all this time.

Team ICO Takes Art to Another Level with Lifelike Environments in The Last Guardian

Team ICO have gained a strong reputation since 2001 for creating memorableRead the full article…

Team ICO’s Fumito Ueda Not Attending This Year’s E3

Currently in development by Team ICO, The Last Guardian has only receivedRead the full article…

Fumito Ueda Delays Both his PS3 Projects

After both the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection and The Last Guardian were shown off at the Tokyo Game Show last September, gamers were elated to get their hands on the games in the Spring and Holiday of 2011 respectively. Well…