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How to Get Traffic For Your Website by Using the PS4

It prints hits!

Report: PS4 Announcement Not Coming in February, Sigh

Can’t we go one month without games journalists sucking?

It’s in the Title: Sex, Lies and Flamebait

Nice title.

Why I Write About Games

From the heart.

Press, Release

Brought to you in partnership with KFC.

Lead us not Into Temptation: Trying to be Different

A look at PSLS’ new management and what it means for the future.

Bad Gamers 8: Websites That are Hurting the Games Industry

Our riskiest episode yet.

Daily Reaction: Out of Print, The Decline of Games Journalism

News lite, same great read, now less reading.


This should never have happened.

Are We Journalists?

Everybody loves journalists…

Daily Reaction: IGN up for Sale, PSLS Offers 2 Cents (And a Giveaway)

I’d buy that for a dollar.

How Poor Sourcing Kills Games Journalism

The death of investigative journalism.