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Project CARS & Rise of the Tomb Raider Pre-Orders Jumped Over 30% During gamescom, Says Amazon UK (Update)

Overall, Wii U games saw the biggest pre-order percentage increase last week.

335,000 People From 88 Countries Attended gamescom 2014

Over 700 exhibitors.

BioWare Producer Says Picking Genders and Sexuality in Games Should No Longer be an Issue

Successful RPGs should be inclusive.

gamescom 2014: Remember Me Creative Director Says the Game Was Misunderstood

There are people who enjoyed it, y’know?

Sony Says It “Probably” Doesn’t Need to Buy Game Exclusivity

PS Vita wasn’t featured in the gamescom press conference “because there’s only so much time for these things.”

gamescom 2014: Bloodborne Will be Less Punishing to Accommodate More Players

gamescom 2014 demo deliberately toned down.

gamescom 2014: Kojima Will Not Compromise On the Horror Factor in Silent Hill

You’ll need an extra pair.

Here’s the Full PlayStation gamescom 2014 Press Conference, Plus a PS4 Games Montage

At least now you know what P.T. really is.

gamescom 2014: Take-Two Boss Guarantees GTA V Will be Better Than Expectations

6.9 billion people left to address.

gamescom 2014: New FIFA 15 Trailer Shows Next-Gen Goalkeepers (Update)

Take it to the next level.

gamescom 2014: Rime Gets a New Trailer, is a PS4 Exclusive (Updated)

“The story of a boy who must use his wits and ingenuity to survive.”