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Battleborn Incursion Mode Revealed by Gearbox

Gearbox has revealed a brand new game mode in Battleborn called “Incursion.”Read the full article…


Battleborn’s Final Two Heroes Are a Science Officer and a Luchador

Check out their skills trailers as well.


Three New Battleborn Heroes Revealed With Gameplay

Weapons and attacks detailed.


Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition on PS3 & PS Vita Removed From North American PlayStation Store

Rights have changed hands, may return later this year.


Gearbox Software’s Battleborn Gets Two New Playable Heroes

Ghalt and Deande.


Two New Battleborn Playable Heroes Revealed

Ghalt – The Veteran Peacekeeper and Deande – The Jennerit Spymaster.


2K Announces Borderlands Triple Pack for November 17

2K Games bundle their titles just in time for the holiday season.


Battleborn Closed Technical Test Coming Soon

For Gearbox SHIFT members.


Evolve Ultimate Edition and Borderlands Triple Pack Hitting Stores in November

Prices revealed.


Battleborn Will Feature 49, 576, 665, 600 Hero and Team Combinations

And more numbers revealed.


PlayStation Store Sale Highlights – September 15-22 2015

A dose of monster hunting and a helping of open-world chaos.


Gearbox PAX Prime 2015 Schedule Revealed, Features Panels, Battleborn Demos, and More

So much to do, so little time.

Duke Nukem Mass Destruction

Gearbox Has Done “Some Concept Development” on Another Duke Nukem Game

Also, new details on Gearbox’s unannounced have been revealed.


Randy Pitchford Doesn’t Regret Making Aliens: Colonial Marines, “Wouldn’t Trade That Experience for Anything”

Despite losing between $10 – $15 million of his own money.


Versus – Aliens: Colonial Marines Reveal vs. Reality

Possibly one of the biggest shams in gaming history, no?


Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford: “There’ll Almost Certainly Be More Borderlands”

“There’ll almost certainly be more Borderlands, but we need to figure out what that is.”


New Brothers in Arms Title Being Developed at Gearbox, Still in The “Incubation Phase”

They’ve been working on making it authentic.


Gearbox CEO Randy Pithford Invested $10 Million of His Own Money in Aliens: Colonial Marines

“I invested over $10m on top of Sega’s investment. Lost it all.”


Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit Was a “Huge Waste of Time,” Says Randy Pitchford

He believes the legal system was being manipulated.


The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director Leaves to Work at Gearbox Software

Working on Borderlands 3?