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GeoHot Condemns Hackers, Talks of Sony’s Security Mistakes

In such a short period of time, the internet has taken GeorgeRead the full article…


Sony Announces Settlement in George Hotz Case

After George Hotz was instrumental in hacking and jailbreaking the PlayStation 3Read the full article…

Hacker Group Anonymous Declare War On Sony

Sony has gained much attention, controversy and exposure ever since it tookRead the full article…


George Hotz Flees to South America…For Now

George Hotz, also known by his hacker alias “GeoHot,” dropped a megatonRead the full article…

Sony Looking for Security Professionals to Lockdown PlayStation Products

The last month has been nothing short of a daytime drama forRead the full article…


GeoHot Jailbreaks PS3 Firmware 3.55, Runs First Piece of Homebrew

As many of you have probably read, the internet has been setRead the full article…

Geohot Retiring, PS3 Will Remain Unhackable

George Hotz has caused quite the stir in the gaming industry, especiallyRead the full article…

Sony Investigating PS3 Hack Reports

Recently, a hacker claimed he has hacked the PlayStation 3. George HotzRead the full article…