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Farming Simulator 18 for PS Vita Release Date Announced, New Screenshots Released

Handheld farming is coming.


Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.4 Today Fixes Bugs, Preps for Kuhn DLC

Kuhn DLC is out on February 14.

Farming Simulator 17 preview 3

Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.03 Adds Multiple PS4 Pro Display Options

You can choose between 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p.

Farming Simulator 17 Sales

Farming Simulator 17 Sales Already Top One Million Copies

It’s good to be pig.

Farming Simulator 17_20161024225525

Farming Simulator 17 Review – Entertainment Drought (PS4)

Did the first Farming Simulator installment on PS4 wield a good crop?


Farming Simulator 17 Will Still Support PS4 Mods, Dev Confirms

They’ll be available at launch.

Farming Simulator 17 trailer

New Farming Simulator 17 Trailer Details Women Farmers, Multiplayer

We have sunflowers!


Farming Simulator 17 Releases on October 25 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

With mod support on all three platforms.

Farming Simulator 17 preview 1

E3 2016 – Farming Simulator 17 Preview – Sweet Roar of the Tractor (PS4)

Look upon your virtual fruits, for ye tilleth the digital earth.


Farming Simulator 17 Arrives “At the End of 2016” on Consoles and PC

More news coming at Focus Home’s event in Paris.


Farming Simulator 16 Review – Watching Grass Grow (Vita)

You don’t have to be lonely.


Farming Simulator 15 Review – Simulatin’ Farmin’ (PS4)

No guns, no baddies, just crops. And maybe some cows.


Farming Simulator 15 Release Date Announced for PS4, PS3, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Online multiplayer is available only on PS4 and Xbox One.