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gintama rumble review

Gintama Rumble Review – Gintama Warriors Lite (PS4 Import)

Fans of Gintama should be very interested.

Gintama Rumble trophy list

Gintama Rumble’s Trophy List is Shockingly Generic

Not quite what fans would want.

Gintama Rumble trophy list

Gintama Rumble’s New Mode Has You Fighting to the Top

Beat five battle to get to the top.

gintama rumble tv spot

Gintama Rumble TV Spot Details One of The Story Mode’s Arcs

It’s short, but sweet.

gintama rumble trailer

Watch the Latest Gintama Rumble Television Spot

It releases early next year.

gintama rumble trailer

Gintama Rumble’s Second TV Spot is Frantic

It’s short yet action-packed.

gintama rumble

Get a Small Sneak Peak of Gintama Rumble

Enjoy a bit more information on the latest Gintama game.

Bandai Namco’s Gintama Project Last Game Getting English Release in Asia

No news of a Western release yet.