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The 34 ‘Offensive’ God of War Trophies That Haven’t Been Changed

If Blue Balls or Breaking Wind make you uncomfortable, turn back now!


God of War: Ascension Review (PS3)

Have the Gods of Olympus smiled upon Ascension and the new addition of multiplayer?

I know what Kaz is

Daily Reaction: The Road to E3 2013 – PS4, Price, Exclusive Games, Release Date

On the road again.


500GB Garnet Red PS3 With all God of War Games Ascends to North America on March 12th

Make sure you play them chronologically.


Sony Launches God of War: Ascension Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

Told you it was God of War.


God of War’s Kratos was Originally Supposed to be Blue

Blame it on Diablo.


Daily Reaction: Why the God of War Movie Could Fall Apart Before it Starts

Atlas Shrugged.


PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Kratos

At the end of these bios, there will be only chaos.

GOW Car Featured

God of War Car Redefines Road Rage

Is this design divine, or just plain dumb?


God of War Movie to Take Batman Begins Approach to Kratos’ Story

Except I don’t think it will be rated PG-13.


Voucher Suggests God of War: Ascension Beta Coming November 13th

Spartans unite.


Should God of War IV Have a Multiplayer Mode?

God of War IV has been all but announced at this pointRead the full article…


David Jaffe Wants To Make “God of War Meets Zelda”

Aside from working hard at putting the finishing touches on Twisted Metal forRead the full article…


PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of September 12, 2011

For the PlayStation enthusiasts, this week’s star of the show may seemRead the full article…


PS3 Review – God of War: Origins Collection

Kratos is the first to make the jump from PSP to PS3… are the Gods pleased?

feature-God of War 3

God of War Master Collection to Ravage Only Germany

You might recall last week when we found an unannounced God ofRead the full article…


Splinter Cell HD Collection Appears to be Sneaking to A Fall Release

One thing that is a hot-ticket item this generation of consoles isRead the full article…

feature-God of War Kratos III

Entire God of War Library In One Master Collection?

So much chaos in one tiny package.

New God of War Collection Announced For PS3

A new God of War game has been in development from SonyRead the full article…


Did Forbes Just Accidentally Out “a New God of War 3D Adventure”?

Keeping secrets isn’t one of Sony’s strong points, with the technology giantRead the full article…