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Gran Turismo Series Hits Impressive Mark

Last month Gran Turismo 5 hit the PS3, and while some criticsRead the full article…


PS3 Review – Gran Turismo 5

It’s here… Finally.


PS3’s Power “Not Enough” To Handle Yamauchi’s Gran Turismo

Kaz Yamauchi, the father of Gran Turismo, craves more power than the PS3 can supply…

Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 5 Delay “Inexcusable”

Series creator of the Gran Turismo franchise, Kazunori Yamauchi, is a knownRead the full article…


Gran Turismo 5 Still Expected to Win the Race

Perhaps the most anticipated yet uncertain game on the PlayStation 3 is Gran Turismo 5 simply due to fact that, given its lengthy developmental period, the game should ideally be out in at most a year or two after its original announcement. After all, a game’s announcement generally means that the game is far enough into production to where the developers are able to release screenshots and videos – which has already came to fruition long ago.

Fall in Love with Gran Turismo 5 Commercial All Over Again

Regardless of how committed Polyphony Digital is with the technical aspects andRead the full article…

Gran Turismo Developer Reveals X1

It’s no secret that Gran Turismo 5 is set to be theRead the full article…

Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition Races up Bestseller List

Many believe that the hype for Gran Turismo 5 has begun toRead the full article…

Gran Turismo 5 3D Confirmed, PlayStation Move Support Confirmed

Gran Turismo 5, the first full Gran Turismo on the PS3 will bring Sony’s largest franchise to the waiting fans. The game has been rumored to receive 3D for some time now, with numerous leaked and developer comments pointing towards the feature. It’s now been confirmed.

This Week in PlayStation – April 23rd

As announcements for new games and hardware come and go, it’s easyRead the full article…

This Week in PlayStation – March 26th

A common stereotype about gamers is that they have short attention spans. AsRead the full article…

Final Fantasy Tops PSP Store Downloads

In the most recent episode of PlayStation Pulse, the bi-weekly program thatRead the full article…

Gran Turismo 5 Makes Surpising Split Second ‘Move’

Polyphony Digital’s long awaited racing sim Gran Turismo 5 is finally approachingRead the full article…

Gran Turismo 5 Racing to PS3 This Year

Gran Turismo 5 is a highly ambitious racer that has a bigRead the full article…

Latest Gran Turismo 5 Screens Emerge

Gran Turismo 5 is going full throttle with the PS3 to raiseRead the full article…

Gran Turismo 5 Creator Criticizes Competition

The creator behind the Gran Turismo franchise, Kazunori Yamauchi, has spoken aboutRead the full article…

Gran Turismo 5: Then and Now

Gran Turismo, the epitome of racing simulators, has been crowned accordingly dueRead the full article…

Gran Turismo PSP races into 1.8 Million Homes

Originally announced back at E3 2004, Gran Turismo PSP has had a long and much delayed journey to gamers collection. Even though it took 5 years for the title to finally hit, Gamers didn’t care as the title has gone on to sell close to 2 million copies since release this past October.

Porsche Excluded From Gran Turismo 5

The Gran Turismo series is known as being the most realistic racingRead the full article…

Gran Turismo 5 Could Start its Engines with 3D

3D is ‘the next big thing’ in terms of home entertainment. TheRead the full article…