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silver case 25th ward

The Silver Case and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case Coming to PS4 as “The Silver 2425”

Remaster and HD remake in one package.

silver case 25th ward

The Silver Case Sequel Is Being Remastered

The 25th Ward.


Let It Die Passes Over 3 Million Downloads

Die! Die! Die!


NIS America Aware of The Silver Case New Chapters Issue, Working on a Fix

Issue makes them inaccessible.


The Silver Case Review – Horrific Journey (PS4)

A chilling experience.

Let It Die 555x328 03

PS Plus Members Getting Free Let It Die Booster Pack, Bonus PS Plus Membership Offer

Buy one-year membership, get 3 months free.


Elder Scrolls Online Now Has 8.5 Million Players, Let It Die Crosses 2 Million Downloads

Elder Scrolls Online had 7 million players last year.


Let it Die Downloaded More Than One Million Times, Log In Bonus Starts Tomorrow

It came out in early December.

Let it Die preview

Let It Die Preview – Exploding Mushrooms (PS4)

Uncle Death is watching.


Latest Let It Die Trailer Details Multiplayer

Check out the new trailer!


The Silver Case Remaster Comes to PS4 in Early 2017

NIS America will release it both physically and digitally.

E3 2016 – Let It Die Hands-On Preview – Fight to Survive (PS4)

You have no choice but to let it die.


E3 2016 – PS4 Actioner Let it Die Unveils New Gameplay

Suda 51 cites Akira as a major creative influence.

grasshopper tease

Let It Die Developer Grasshopper Continues to Tease Next Project

Playism is in on it.

let it die f

PAX East ’16: Let It Die Hands-On Preview with Suda51 – Free to Pass Away (PS4)

How’s Suda51’s first free-to-play project coming along?


Let It Die PS4 Gets First Trailer

An “extreme action game” that looks downright disturbing.

Killer is Dead E3 Preview

Killer is Dead Gigolo Missions Were Publisher’s Idea, Says Suda 51

They didn’t make the missions as easy as they could have.


Let It Die is a Free-to-Play Game, Was Originally “Lily Bergamo”

Let It Die is F2P.


Lollipop Chainsaw Review (PS3)

PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of Lollipop Chainsaw for the PlayStation 3.


Sine Mora Preview (Vita)

Shoot-em-ups and digital distribution go hand in hand these days. Sine Mora,Read the full article…