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dreadnought trophy list

The Dreadnought Platinum May Be Difficult to Achieve

It may even be dreadful.

Dreadnought Update Overhauls Progression, Adds New Mode, and More

Available now!

Free-to-Play Dreadnought Now Available in Open Beta on PS4

Free PS+ pack arrives on August 15.

Dreadnought PS4 Founder’s Packs Launched

Time to buy in on the action!

Spoiler Alert – RiME Ending and Story Discussion

Learn the secrets of RiME’s island.

ps4 adventure games

RiME Review – Love, Loss, and Letting Go (PS4)

Prepare to shed or tear or seven.

Here Are All the Trophies for RiME on PS4

Quite a bit of Gold.

Rime – Everything You Need to Know

The lovechild of Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus, but it’s been a long winding road to release.

Dreadnought Closed Beta Begins on PS4, Sign Ups Still Live

The console version is exclusive to PS4.

Rime Releases on May 26 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Switch version releases later, and for more money.

Tequila Works Gives an Overview of Rime’s PS4 Pro Enhancements, Says It Wants to Balance It Out

We’re given a rundown of what to expect.

ps4 adventure games

Watch Over 20 Minutes of Rime Gameplay Right Now

Remember Rime? Tequila Works’ gorgeous adventure game that debuted a few yearsRead the full article…

ps4 adventure games

Rime Physical Release Confirmed for PS4 & Xbox One, Costs $29.99

Full description revealed.

Rime Is Now Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC & Switch in May 2017

Watch the re-reveal gameplay trailer.

PSX 2016 – Dreadnought Preview – Full Power to Weapons (PS4)

Time to do space combat in gigantic warships!

Rime Releasing in 2017, More Details Coming Next Year

Rime was re-confirmed for PS4 last month, but wasn’t mentioned in today’s announcement.