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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.31 Fixes Issues With New Game+, Ultra Hard Mode

Doesn’t add any new features.

Develop Awards 2017 Winners: Guerrilla Games Takes Home Studio of the Year

Horizon Zero Dawn only took home a single award.

Horizon Zero Dawn Wins Award for Best Original Score

That main menu theme was ace!

Killzone Shadow Fall Director Leaves Guerrilla Games

Steven ter Heide has left his employer of 12 years.

Killzone Shadow Fall Director Steven ter Heide Leaves Guerrilla Games

Those new Horizon Zero Dawn Trophies don’t count towards your Platinum.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.30 Adds New Game+, Face Paint, Trophies and More

“Ultra Hard” mode added!

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Looks Suspiciously Like Yellowstone Park

Is it the home of robot bears?

Guerrilla Games’ Co-Founder Hermen Hulst Lists His Favorite PS4 Games

Do you agree with his picks?

Sony: The Horizon Zero Dawn Roadmap Is “Expressed in Multiple Years”

Shawn Layden thinks they’ll “be in the Horizon business for a long time.”

the frozen wilds

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Costs $20, PlayStation Plus Members Save 25% When Pre-Ordering

The Frozen Wilds will have full PS4 Pro support.

E3 2017 – Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Expansion Is Out This Year

It’s out this year.

Horizon Zero Dawn Passes 3.4 Million Copies Sold

The PlayStation Store is the #1 retailer of PlayStation software.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.21 Today Fixes Progression & Crashing Issues

No new features.

E3 2017 Sony predictions

E3 2017 Predictions – What Sony’s Studios Will Show at the Event

Here’s what to expect from Sony’s internal studios at E3 2017!

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.20 Is Live, Here’s the Patch Notes

Week 3 of the Photo Mode contest is on now.

Sony Rewarding Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum Trophy Owners With Avatar

Free stuff!

Ninja Theory on Potential Enslaved 2: Horizon Zero Dawn May Have “Taken Over That Mantle”

There’s “a lot of similar stuff” in the two games.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.13 Adds Background Music Support, Ability to Drop Treasure Chests

And several progression/crashing fixes.