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horizon zero dawn corruptor

Check Out This Awesome LEGO Build of the Corruptor from Horizon Zero Dawn

This looks amazing!

Best PS4 exclusive

Best PlayStation Exclusive of 2017 – Winner

It was a hard fought battle, but one found its way to the top of the heap.

killzone 3 online servers

Guerrilla Announces Killzone 2 and 3 Online Servers Will be Decommissioned Next Year

Play them now before you can’t!

Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.51

Read the Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.51 Patch Notes

Several crashes have been fixed.

horizon zero dawn behind the scenes

Developers Take us Behind-the-Scenes on Character Creation for Horizon Zero Dawn

A multi-step process!

Killzone Shadow Fall Director Steven ter Heide Leaves Guerrilla Games

Those new Horizon Zero Dawn Trophies don’t count towards your Platinum.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.20 Is Live, Here’s the Patch Notes

Week 3 of the Photo Mode contest is on now.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.04 Addresses Numerous Quests Issues

Robbing the Rich fix coming in the future.

horizon zero dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Review Embargo Lifts Before Launch, Two More Machines Detailed

Download size appears to be 45GB.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Teen Rating Explained by the ESRB

New Collector’s Edition unboxing provides a look at the DLC.

New Horizon Zero Dawn Videos Go Behind-The-Scenes & Detail Development

“Horizon is clearly the single most ambitious project that Guerrilla Games has ever taken on.”

Horizon Zero Dawn Has Gone Gold, Performance Issues From Preview Build Fixed

Ashly Burch is playing Aloy.

Horizon Zero Dawn Gets a 20-Minute Quest Walkthrough, PS4 Pro Gameplay Video

Sony talks saving, Photo Mode, and more.

Horizon Zero Dawn Merchandise Includes Coffee Mugs, Art Book

300 images!

Horizon Zero Dawn 1TB PS4 Bundle Coming to Europe, Game Hasn’t Been Downgraded Since E3

Horizon is “so close” to going gold.

RIGS DLC Support Comes to an End, Servers to Remain Online

Sony will also provide community support.

Sony to Close RIGS, Killzone Mercenary Developer Guerrilla Cambridge

Guerrilla Amsterdam is unaffected by the closure.

PGW 2015: Rigs Mechanized Combat League Gameplay Trailer Shows Dubai Arena (Update)

It’s a PSVR exclusive.

Guerrilla Cambridge Hiring for “Forthcoming Projects in a High Profile, Multi-Million Selling Franchise”

Is there any chance it isn’t Killzone?