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Battlefield 1 555x328

Battlefield 1 Medals Guide

All you need to know about BF1’s medals.

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Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks – How to Improve Your Game

Prepare for the game before release!

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Titanfall 2 Best Weapon Guide – We Show You Which Gun

We show you how effective it is.


Titanfall 2 Best Titan Guide

Watch and learn.

Killing Elites Featured

Quick Tips – Battlefield 1: Quickly Killing Elite Classes

Kill ’em dead.

Battlefield Emblems Featured

Quick Tips – Battlefield 1 Emblems: Creating & Equipping Custom Designs

Customize your flair!

War Pigeons Battlefield Quick Tip Featured

Quick Tips – Battlefield 1: How to Dominate in War Pigeons

Chase those pigeons down!

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Battlefield 1 Operations Game Mode Guide – What You Need to Know About the New Mode

This might be your new fave mode in Battlefield!