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gundam versus dlc

Gundam Versus Trailers Show Off Raider Gundam and Zaku I Mobile Suits

Releasing November 28 in Japan.

Gundam Versus Aegis DLC

Aegis Gundam Finally Added to Gundam Versus as DLC

Coming together with another separate MS.

Gundam Versus Mudrock DLC

Gundam Versus Adds AGE-2 and Mudrock as DLC in December

The Gundams to rival the prior DLC mobile suits have appeared.

Gundam Versus - Raider Gundam DLC

Raider Gundam & Gellert’s Zaku Round Up Gundam Versus DLC in November

The roster keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Gundam Versus Zeydra DLC

Zeydra Confirmed as New Gundam Versus DLC

Coming from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Gundam Versus Atlas Gundam DLC

Gundam Versus Atlas Gundam DLC Announced

Get ready for more jazzy destructions!

Gundam Versus DLC - Alvaaron pilot Alejandro Corner

Watch the Trailers of Gundam Versus DLC Alvaaron and Buster Gundam

Just released today!

Gundam Versus review

Gundam Versus Review – Day of the Unicorn (PS4)

Fly through the sky.

Gundam Versus DLC - Buster Gundam

Alvaaron and Buster Gundam Coming to Gundam Versus as DLC

That leaves just a certain main pilot from Gundam SEED to be added now.

gundam versus release

Gundam Versus is Out Next Week, Learn More About the Series’ Past

Gundam Versus is the latest in a long running series.

Gundam Versus DLC - Phantom Gundam

Trailers for Gundam Versus DLC Phantom Gundam & Nightingale Published

Both of them will be released at the same time.

Gundam Versus - Gundam Gusion Rebake

Gundam Versus: Gusion Rebake & Perfect Strike out Tomorrow

More mobile suits are getting added to the roster!

September 2017 PS4 Games

Here’s the September 2017 PS4, PSVR, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases

Destiny 2! Knack 2! Marvel vs. Capcom! NBA 2K18! FIFA 18!

Gundam Versus - Nightingale

Gundam Versus Nightingale DLC Announced

This mobile suit is Char’s answer to Amuro’s Hi-Nu Gundam.

Gundam Versus - Pale Rider

Gundam Versus DLC Adds Baund Doc and Pale Rider

The DLCs have been released today in Japan.

Gundam Versus Phantom Gundam DLC

Gundam Versus to Add Phantom Gundam as the Next DLC

Coming from Crossbone Gundam: Ghost, part of the popular Crossbone Gundam manga series.

Gundam Versus Open Beta Kicks off on September 2 in the West

You’ll find several offline and online modes.

Gundam Versus Open Beta Commences Early September in Southeast Asia

Awaiting info on Western beta.

Japanese Sales Chart: Gundam Versus Debuts in 1st Place

But the Nintendo Switch remained the best-selling piece of hardware.

New Gundam Versus Trailer Details Single-Player & Multiplayer Online Battle Modes

I am Gundam!