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Gundam Battle Operation NEXT 00 QanT

Watch the Introduction Trailer of 00 Qan[T] in Gundam Battle Operation NEXT

The ultimate mobile suit ever made in the Gundam 00 universe.

New Gundam Game announcement at New Year Festival 2018

A New Gundam Game for Console Will be Announced Soon

Don’t miss the live stream!

Gundam Game New Year Festival 2018

Bandai Namco to Hold a Live Stream for Gundam Game Announcements

Could they reveal brand-new Gundam games here?

gundam versus dlc

Gundam Versus Trailers Show Off Raider Gundam and Zaku I Mobile Suits

Releasing November 28 in Japan.

Gundam VR game

Read What Kind of New Gundam Games Bandai Namco Wants to Make

VR game, MMO game, and more!

Gundam Versus Open Beta Kicks off on September 2 in the West

You’ll find several offline and online modes.

Gundam Versus Open Beta Commences Early September in Southeast Asia

Awaiting info on Western beta.

New Gundam Versus Trailer Details Single-Player & Multiplayer Online Battle Modes

I am Gundam!

Here’s the Full List of Gundam Versus Trophies

Here we go.

Gundam Versus and Zero Time Dilemma Release Dates Announced

Looks like we’ll have a lot to play this fall!

Gundam Versus Comes to North America & Europe in Fall 2017 for PS4

Watch the announcement gameplay trailer and opening movie.

Gundam Versus PS4 Gameplay Footage Has Fast Mech Action

Two full matches!

See Two Dudes Play Gundam Breaker 3 With Funny Face Paint

Voice actors customize some Gundam models.

Gundam Breaker 3 Customization Trailer Features Insane Detail

I probably don’t have enough time for this game.

Gundam Extreme Vs. Force Screenshots Show Off New Vita Exclusive

19 screens and Japanese box art.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Force Asia Ver. Gets English Subtitles

Vita exclusive gets more import-friendly.

FFXIV Eorzea & Gundam Cafe Experiences – PlayStation JapanStyle Pre-TGS

Nerd lunch and geek dinner.

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories Review – A War With the Self (PS3 Import)

Self detonation.

Gundam Seed Battle Destiny Review (Vita Import)

Bring a knife to a Gundam fight.

Vita Gundam Game Sorties to Japan This Spring

Gundam Seed Battle Destiny is on track to be the PlayStation Vita’sRead the full article…